Bonsai Association Belgium will organise for the 18th year in a row a magnificent bonsai exhibition with the support of all their international bonsai friends.
Bonsai Association Belgium is proud to host the 2017 EBA and ESA Convention.

The European Bonsai Association invites every year bonsai professionals and enthousiasts in a different country. Local bonsai lovers can meet internationally reknown demonstrators. A new bonsai talent is selected based on his or her practical capabilities in bonsai.

The European Suiseki Association will bring ‘stone appreciation’ to the general public in their yearly exhibition.

FBBC, Federations of Belgian Bonsai Clubs, wants to provide a belgian platform for every club, studio or school that has a main objective to distribute and improve the quality of bonsai.  In addition, the federation takes care of the contacts for organized bonsai happenings in Europe and even worldwide. FBBC provides the EBA representation for Belgium.

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Dear bonsai friends,

Bonsai can be kept hidden away in your garden where only your family can appreciate them, or they can be shown to the world. The choice is up to you.

Through the years several local clubs and regional, national and even international organisations have provided the possibility to exhibit bonsai all over the world. These organisations all have one thing in common: showing bonsai to the public, allowing members to improve the quality of their bonsai collections, and this way enabling to meet new friends in a nice bonsai environment. This creates a community of friends who can stimulate each other to improve their work and will eventually lead to a much greater joy in personal achievements.

Together with the annual Noelanders Trophy, the Bonsai Association Belgium will organise the European Bonsai Association Convention in 2017, in cooperation with the Federation of Belgian Bonsai Clubs.

Take part in this event, as an exhibitor, a professional or a visitor! Bonsai from all over Europe can be exhibited. Registration is free of charge and open to enthusiasts and professionals. For the Noelanders Trophy, the trees need to be accepted by the Bonsai Association Belgium; for the EBA Convention, this should be done by the national organisation of your country.

The exhibition of both the Noelanders Trophy and the EBA Convention will take place in the same hall, giving you the unique opportunity to enjoy over 150 fantastic trees from all over Europe. As you will probably already know, the way of exposition of the trees at the Noelanders Trophy has been reknown for years. Moreover, the European Suiseki Association (ESA) will also present a selection of their finest suiseki.

The event will start on Friday evening with an official opening ceremony, where you can already have the chance to meet your friends. Entrance tickets need to be reserved beforehand.

During the weekend the exhibition will be accessible to the general public. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon simultaneous demonstrations will be held by two Japanese and two European bonsai masters. Time to enjoy and to learn from these professionals!

Future masters can be found between the young artists competing in the EBA New Talent Contest on Saturday morning. Your presence will certainly be of great support to your national delegate!

Bonsai Association Belgium is very gratefull for the support by more than 80 traders who will present to you everything that could be usefull for your passion.

The cherry on the cake is the gala dinner with the prize giving ceremony on Saturday night, for which you can all register. During this evening we will raise our glasses to new and existing international friendships, and give you all the time you need to discuss the trees and the demonstrations.

The Bonsai Association Belgium is grateful to host the European Bonsai Association Convention and hopes to see you all (with a tree) in Genk to offer you an unforgettable bonsai weekend.

The committee of the Bonsai Association Belgium

Alda, Christian, Danny, Edwin, Johan, Luc, Marc, Roald and Roger


February 3

09.00 – 16.00


Delivery of bonsai and suiseki for exhibition

Building up of commercial stands

(Delivery of trees starts on Thursday)

14.00 – 15.30


EBA Board Meeting

18.00 – 20.00


Official opening ceremony

Only after pre-registration and on invitation!

20.00 – 22.00


Official opening of the exhibition and first presentation

The commercial space will not be open to the public on Friday

February 4

09.00 – 18.00


Exhibition of bonsai and suiseki

International commercial stands with bonsai and accessories

09.30 – 13.00


EBA New Talent Contest

10.00 – 12.00


EBA Round Table




Mitsuo Matsuda (JP)

Daisaku Nomoto (JP)

Salvatore Liporace (IT)

David Benavente (ES)



Dinner with prize giving ceremony

February 5

09.00 – 18.00


Exhibition of bonsai and suiseki

International commercial stands with bonsai and accessories

9.30 – 11.30


EBA Annual General Meeting




Mitsuo Matsuda (JP)

Daisaku Nomoto (JP)

Salvatore Liporace (IT)

David Benavente (ES)



End of Noelanders Trophy XVIII and EBA/ESA Convention 2017



Mitsuo Matsuda

Mitsuo Matsuda


Mitsuo Matsuda is the fourth generation owner of the Matsuda Seisho-en Nursery. He learned the profession from his father Mr. Kenji Matsuda since 1994.


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He is an official bonsai instructor of the Nippon Bonsai Association and an official bonsai master of the Nippon Bonsai Growers Cooperative.

He has demonstrated in Canada, China and Japan, and will give a demonstration at the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City in 2017.

Daisaku Nomoto

Daisaku Nomoto


Daisuke Nomoto is the second owner of the Nomoto Chinsyo-en Nursery.

After graduation from Housyo high school in Miyazaki-pre, he started his bonsai training at the Jyuhachi-en Nursery for five years.


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He is an official bonsai master of the Nippon Shohin Bonsai Cooperative and a branch chief of the board of directors of the Nippon Shohin Bonsai Growers Assocition Kyusyu area.

He organizes workshops every month at the Miyazaki branch of the Nippon Bonsai Association.

Daisuko Nomoto had given a lot of demonstrations and workshops in the USA.

Salvatore Liporace

Salvatore Liporace


Salvatore Liporace is a versatile and innovative bonsai artist.  In 1986 he has founded the Studio Botanico in Milan, the first space in Europe entirely dedicated to the teaching of Bonsai.


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Over the years it is considered a reference point for experienced bonsai enthusiasts from around the world.

In the nineties he specialized during several study trips in Japan and worked with master Masahiko Kimura.

As a professional bonsai artist, he has been invited by the main international bonsai associations to hold seminars, speeches and demonstrations. Besides, he has received prestigious international awards all over the world.

At the beginning of the new millennium he has established the European Bonsai School, active in Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

He has written articles on the main international bonsai magazines.

We enjoyed Salvatore’s demonstrations at the 6th and 10th Noelanders Trophy.

David Benavente

David Benavente


David Benavente formed his first bonsai at the age of 14.

Later he became a potter and for ten years he was curator of the royal botanical gardens in Madrid.


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David followed masterclasses with Masahiko Kimura in Japan on special technics on modelling confers. In 2012 he worked  in the Manse-en Bonsai Garden in Omiya for the Kato family.

He gives workshops and demonstration and wrote a lot of articles in international bonsai journals. Some of his creations were shown at the EBA exhibition in Munich and several major European bonsai exhibitions.

In 2014 we enjoyed his demonstration at the 15th Noelanders Trophy.

Registration & Online Tickets


(Registration Closed)

Register your tree for Noelanders Trophy XVIII

Sorry registration is closed, but you can still buy your tickets.

Register your tree for EBA Convention 2017

Sorry registration is closed, but you can still buy your tickets.

Register your suiseki for ESA Convention 2017

Sorry registration is closed, but you can still buy your tickets.

Buy tickets at the door
Ticket Type Price
Full weekend Ticket €38
Saturday Ticket – With Demo’s €25
Saturday Ticket – Without Demo’s €15
Sunday Ticket – With Demo’s €25
Sunday Ticket – Without Demo’s €15



Venue – Location


Opening EBA 2017








EBA2017 will be held in the Limburghal in Genk where we have the disposal of the complete venue floor. This will cover a 4000M² competition floor and a 4000M² vender and proffesionals aera. Demo’s will be held in the Auditorum and can seat up to 650 guests

Jaarbeurslaan 6,

3600 GENK


Free Parking

The Limburghal has a very large parking space for about 600 cars.

Be aware: Don’t forget to place you European parkingcard behind your front windscreen if you park on the Jaarbeurslaan!


Contact us


If necessary you can contact the organizers by the following email addresses :

Roald –

  • Questions about the registration of bonsai for the EBA Convention
    (registration itself needs to be done online, see above)
  • If you have to register more than 3 bonsai on your personal name for your country

Marc –

  • Information about the participation and registration of Belgian trees at the EBA convention
  • Information about your participation at the EBA New Talent Contest

Roald –

  • Questions about the registration and selection of bonsai for the Noelanders Trophy XVIII
  • Any changes in your registration details

Luc –

  • Questions concerning traders
  • Information for all ‘helping hands’ from Wednesday till Sunday night
  • Questions concerning the timing of the event (building up, photography of the trees …)
  • Questions about the ESA convention / suiseki exhibition
  • Questions about entrance tickets / groups / weekend
  • Questions about tickets for the opening ceremony of Friday, for the gala dinner on Saturday
  • General information